ZenGo inflatable meditation cushion that is so lightweight, compact and durable that you can meditate almost anywhere anytime.
ZenGo's eurgonomic meditation cushion is perfect for ensuring proper posture. It is the perfect meditation prop. ZenGo's Inflatable meditation seat and mat set adjusts separately for your specific weight and size. The high seat is perfect for bad hips and bad joints.
Best meditation cushion back view. Use ZenGo meditation cushion set with your favorite meditation app or Tibetan singing bowl. The meditation seat and mat can be adjusted to your individual shape and size
Meditation cushion for travel bottom view. Easy to use air valve. Use this meditation pillow  alone or with your favorite guided meditation
ZenGo inflatable meditation/yoga inflator with bonus attachments. Use this air pump on other camping mats and camping pillows, inner tubes and clothing vacuums bags.

Meditation Cushion Set by ZenGo™ - Seat (Zafu) + Mat (Zabuton)⎟ Yoga Bolsters - Two Sizes⎟ Includes Inflator ⎟ Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Meditation Anywhere Anytime!

ZenGo's™ patent pending meditation cushion/yoga bolster set is the first ever full-sized inflatable meditation/yoga seat and mat combination which can be used together or separately. The main reason meditators are replacing their old bulky cushions with a contemporary ZenGo™ is it's functionality. ZenGo™ can be customized to your body, can be packed small and taken with you on any adventure and stows away in a small space when not in use. Enjoy customizable comfort and portability plus a host of traditional benefits you’ve come to expect fr

  • Rectangular shape supports bodies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are petite or tall, small or full-figured, ZenGo’s™ rectangular (gomden) shape cradles your pressure points to make you feel like you're sitting on heavenly clouds of air. The air-fill keeps the height integrity making it a great meditation cushion seat for bad hips.
    • Adjustable air-fill enhances sitting comfort.  You’ll enjoy more comfort and longer sit times due to the adjustable air-fill which reduces strain on ankles, knees, hips and spine. Whether you sit cross-legged, lotus or Burmese, the ZenGo inflates and deflates to your desired comfort and sitting style. Kneelers often switch to sitting cross-legged on the ZenGo™ because you have the ability to sit higher than a traditional 6” cushion. Want it taller, firmer, shorter, less firm? Just adjust the air for your desired feel.
    • Soft to touch, yet sturdy and durable. Its specially engineered fabric has a velvet soft feel yet is rugged enough to use on a variety of outdoor surfaces and can be spot cleaned.
    • Inflates automatically. It comes with its own mini inflator that inflates both the seat and mat in a flash. The inflator and charging chord come in a drawstring pouch for convenient storage.
    • Two position air valves. If inflating by mouth, the one-way air inflation valve does not let air out when you are taking another breath. The air dump valve makes deflating fast and easy.
    • Ultra-lightweight. Just over a pound is all it weighs so you can take it with you anywhere. The automatic inflator is only 2.82 ounces.
    • Compact. When deflated, it rolls up in an easy carry or storing cylinder stuff sack measuring 4.5"X8.5". It can be folded easily to fit in luggage, briefcase, or purse so you can bring your mindfulness on-the-go.
    • Hand washable. Close the air valve tightly to prevent moisture entry. Gently rub exterior with a solution of warm water plus one or 2 drops of your favorite no bleach dish or hand soap. Let stand to dry.
    • Bonus air pump attachments for other small inflatables. Included with the set are inflator attachments for clothing vacuum bags, air mattresses, camping mats and pillows, pool inner-tubes, and float toys.
    • Bonus air pump attachments for other small inflatables. Included with the set are inflator attachments for clothing vacuum bags, air mattresses, camping mats and pillows, pool inner-tubes, and float toys.


    • Product specifications:
    • Seat and mat ground surface measurement 26” x 30” 
    • Seat measures 30" X 13" X 9" high
    • Mat measures 30" X 13" X 3"