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Local Designer Fashions New Meditation/Yoga Cushion to Bring More Comfort to the Mindfulness Movement

Minneapolis, Minnesota, August, 2021 - As the mindfulness movement takes the world by storm, local designer Jesse Owings, founder of ZenGoMeditation.com, has introduced a new meditation/yoga prop called the ZenGo™ which is the first of its kind. The ZenGo aims to propel the mindfulness movement to new heights by delivering unparalleled comfort for sitting meditation and restorative yoga postures.

The inflatable ZenGo cushion delivers a stable, full-sized meditation seat and leg cushion, with the ability to adjust each piece separately for individualized comfort. Users of all shapes and sizes can customize this compact portable design to meet their needs. “The two-tiered design keeps my hips high and my ankles and feet supported, making it easier to sit longer,” according to ZenGo user Linda Halcón, PhD, RN.

In a time when stress is high and millions of people are looking to yoga and meditation as a way to manage it, ZenGo offers an exciting advance in cushion technology that enables people to practice longer in comfort. Its portability, comfort, and ease of inflation make meditation more accessible for people who want to reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions while enhancing wellbeing.

Creator of ZenGo, Jesse Owings, states, “The design started with figuring out how to make the most comfortable and portable meditation/yoga cushions that can be inflated with minimal work for the user. Customizable air-filled cushions enable longer sit times, even for people with more weight or less flexibility. Comfort is the first step in creating a positive meditation practice. And longer sit times generate greater wellbeing benefits.”

ZenGo™ packs all of these features into a distinct cylinder-shaped carry and storage bag that measures just 8.5 by 4.5 inches and weighs only a pound, giving it a 97% smaller footprint than traditional cushions. When inflated, however, the ZenGo is a much roomier seat vs. traditional cushions. “As a long-term meditator and meditation instructor, I like the ZenGo. It is surprisingly stable, but also provides a nice sense of uplift and lightness that you can't get on an ordinary cushion,” said Ted O’Toole, Guiding Teacher at The Minnesota Zen Meditation Center.

ZenGo designs air-filled meditation/yoga cushion sets that help meditators and yogis tailor their props to their specific needs so they can practice longer in comfort anywhere. 

If you would like more information regarding this topic, please call Jesse Owings at 612.361.9882, or email hello@zengomeditation.com. You can find us on our website at www.zengomeditation.com, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


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