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About US

When I was young and starting out in fashion design, I loved the fast paced and competitive nature of the business. I burned out pretty fast and traded fashion for sales and sales training. Both came with the same set of problems. I did not realize at the time what a huge toll these high-pressure and often hostile environments would take on me. I got sober in 2012 and thought that would be the end to any negativity in my life. Oh, how wrong I was. Now my feeling of not being in control of the people and things around me was even more magnified.

My father (picture left) always a supportive role model, urged me for years to start meditating. I resisted until I felt I had no choice but to let go. I realized I had no control of what happens most of the time and needed to learn how to be all right with that. The minute I walked into the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center (MZMC) I knew I was doing something wonderful for myself.

A couple of years into my practice at MZMC, my father and his partner came for a visit from California. As I was supposedly not thinking, I thought about not having enough cushion sets for the three of us to use while they were here. My father many times in the past complained, while traveling domestically and abroad, that his regular sitting practice was disturbed because he was unable to get comfortable without his ergonomic meditation cushion for outdoor and Luxury Portable mat Set for indoor from home. The lightbulb went off! I went to my car, did a patent search and started designing. I am happy to say that ZenGo is patent pending and the first full sized Lightweight inflatable meditation cushion online and mat combination ever!

More About US

I grew up in Minnesota with my father (pictured above), my mother, my stepfather, and my sister (pictured right). When I was 14 years old, Mom, stepfather and I moved to Africa (Madagascar and Kenya). I attended boarding school in Kijabe, Kenya for two years. This was an intercultural experience in many ways and one that shaped my understanding of the world and my place in it. We returned to the U.S. when I was 16, and I relocated to live with my father in Dana Point, California. After high school and two years at Saddleback Community College, I moved to Los Angeles and earned a Bachelor’s degree in design with a major in fashion from Otis College of Art and Design. I was exposed to many self-care strategies in my family, from yoga and meditation to botanical medicines and aromatherapy. For a long time, however, I was too driven by career and success to pay any attention. I have had many fast paced and demanding jobs, while at the same time searching for my true purpose. In ZenGo I am doing something that I love while I am able to use my design background to help people, including myself, live a more balanced life. Thank you to three supportive parents, my sister, my beautiful niece.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping everyone we can reach to discover the array of wellbeing benefits that can be attained through a regular meditation practice. Minnesota Zen Meditation Center provided inspiration for ZenGo and will receive 5% of the profits from sales. Through a ZenGo foundation products will be made available at low cost to individuals in need and organizations serving those in need.

Our Vision

ZenGo is the first of many future products, with the aim of making meditation easier and more accessible on a regular basis. ZenGo’s vision is to provide products that support people in healing themselves and their communities through living meditation. Since the entire world is our community, we want to promote healing for populations in need wherever they are.

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