Collection: ZenGo Luxury All-In-One Inflatable Meditation Cushion & Mat Combination For Indoor & Outdoor Use- Calm Your Mind Anywhere Anytime!

ZenGo is a patent pending luxury meditation cushion and mat combination. ZenGo is designed to be the all-in-one indoor/outdoor and travel meditation cushion that you won't be able to live without! There is nothing worse than having a cushion you love to use at home, but not be able to bring it with you. ZenGo Meditation is so comfortable it will easily replace any traditional buckwheat or cotton filled cushions. Some but not all of the features of ZenGo are as follows...


    • One Size Fits Most- Multi-Body Shapes & SizesWhether you are petite or tall, small or full-figured, this unit shapes to your pressure points to cradle you like you're sitting on heavenly clouds of air. Inflate or deflate to desired comfort and sitting style. If you sit cross-legged, lotus or Burmese, you will be delighted how multi-functional ZenGo is for all users.
    • Reduces Strain- The air-fill reduces strain on ankles, knees, hips and spine for a more comfortable and longer sit time.
    • Special Engineered fabric- has a velvet soft feel to the touch but is rugged and durable enough to use on almost any outdoor terrain.
    • Automatic Inflator- This inflates you ZenGo in about 1 minute. It comes with its own little carry bag so you don't loose the charge cord or attachments. The multiple other attachments are for other small inflatables as an added bonus! It also comes with an attachment for clothing vacuum bags.
    • Ultra Lightweight- 1 Pound is all ZenGo weighs so you can take it with you anywhere! The automatic inflator is only 2.82 ounces!
    • Compact- When ZenGo is deflated it rolls up in an easy carry or storing cylinder stuff sack measuring 4.5"X8.5". It can be folded easily to fit in luggage a briefcase or purse to bring your mindfulness on-the-go!
    • Convenient Design- When the ZenGo Cushion and mat are inflated and used together they measure 30'"X26"X7.87. That is all the flat space you need to get going! The mat measures 30"X13"X2.76". This feels higher than a traditional 6" standard cushion and will shape to you depending on the air fill and how you sit. Kneelers love the comfort and hight of ZenGo and are able to transition due to the hip and knee hight. ZenGo does not loose its loft with use. Just put a little more air in and you feel necessary.
    • Easy Inflate and Deflate- The 1-way air inflation valve does not let air out when you are taking another breath. It also has an air dump valve connected which makes deflating a breeze!
    • All-Terrain/Weather- Rocks?...No problem! Asphalt?...No problem! Wood Floors?...No problem! Terra-cotta balcony?...Bring it on! Riprap?...Oh please! Snow?...That just sounds fun! Mud?...Sure, but I am not the one who has to clean it. As long as you are on a flat, not sloped surface, the terrain is up to you. Disclaimer: Do not use ZenGo on a bed of nails, glass or sharp objects. Other than that you can have peace of mind and enjoy your time.
    • Easy Clean- Make sure the air valve is closed tightly so no water gets in the unit. Add one or 2 drops of your favorite no bleach dish or hand soap to a bowl of warm water. use a clean, no bleed, towel of your choice to dip in the solution and gently rub your cushion until clean. You can do this with the unit inflated or deflated.
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    • Modern Comfort Inflatable Meditation and Yoga Cushion Set by ZenGo ™ Indoor and Outdoor Use
      ZenGo inflatable meditation cushion that is so lightweight, compact and durable that you can meditate almost anywhere anytime.
      ZenGo™ Meditation⎟Yoga
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